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Thriving with tactile 3D

With 3D tactile, Visual Kit offers thrive in two ways:
  • in the meaning of personal development
    People often said to me: "I can not do it" ... and finally, with a little time, explanations, everything happens without much difficulty, and they are pleased to see progress, with practice. If you want to be accompanied, click this link to the accompanying application form
  • in the meaning of development of an activity, a paid or voluntary work
    You can help for the personal development of your surroundings as volunteer or create your main activity, alone or with others. It's possible: this why Visual Kit creates tactile 3D. Click this link to read presentations in pdf format.

Personal Development

Tactile 3D is play, imagine or learn with the paper. The first skills developed by practicing Tactile 3D are patience, dexterity and confidence.
Going a little further you can develop a whole bunch of other skills because EMAO is made to lead you to think and learn to use your fingers, your neurons, and tools that are available to you on this website or elsewhere on the internet.
You will be led, if you wish, to develop others skills with fun. Moreover, one best time, it's during the holidays! Click on the image below for some ideas.

Starting Your Business

The tactile 3D workshop is an accompanying activity service proposed as a free business franchise. You enjoy working with children, elderly, disabled people? Click on the image below to see how to lay the foundations of your activity in a volunteer setting or a business.

Remarks for english readers : all the links in this page open french documents. You can propose some english translations and in exchange, i can offer complete access to EMAO for free.

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EMAO Workshop


EMAO workshop and labo
Build a shape
  • EMAO subscription is free and gives access to various shapes
  • Labo subscription is free