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Discover the shapes with variable size to improve.

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Improve On Visual Kit Scale Models

To improve on making Visual Kit paper scale models, and have a good geometrical quality, you must follow the steps to make a shape.

  • Groove on dotted lines,

  • cut off on continuous lines,

  • Fold on dotted lines,

  • Glue and close the shape.

  • Visit the steps of realization pages to have more details, then, have a look to the themes build pages in the Strengthen et Master sections.


    PRINT A shape ready to ...


    Take your time
    At the beginning, you spend 15 to 30 mn to make a simple shape. But quickly, after some trials, you get confidence, and you need only few minutes to build a simple shape.

    Vary the shapes
    When you know how to make straight edge shapes, make rounded edge shapes.
    Make different kind of shapes with different sizes, long and thin shapes, make the tangram.

    Vary papers
    Try different kind of paper: from 90g/m2, 100g/m2 to 160g/m2 and see how they react, the rigidity of shapes, the easiness of folding ...

    Try different kind of glues:
    Glue in stick form (not recommended), glue in pot, in tube ...

    After all these trials, you get several shapes at disposal: assemble them to obtain more complex shapes.

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