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... in the Tactile 3D universe.
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Prices for subscription

  To take a subscription, you must be connected to EMAO and open the user profil screen.

Short subscription

With free access, you can use EMAO for a duration of 750 hours for a control to a limited number of shapes and ad.

With a short subscription, you use the site granted for a variable duration and shape variety depending of the chosen subscription.

When you pay by phone you acquire one level of subscription for each call. Each call costs around 2 euros.

Short Subscriptionfreeflashfastcomfort
Acces duration (hour)750244896
Duration of back-up availability (days)281624
Maximum number of Elected shapes061218
Maximum number of published shapes061218
Maximum number of downloaded pictures2202020
Max image size (Mb)
Subscrition amount0 €2 €+2 €+2 €

Long Subscriptions

A long subscription gives access to the whole site with comfort.
You have time to choose yours shapes and to define their look.
When you subscribe to a long subscription, EMAO is ad free and you participate to the development of this site.

Subscription for individual1 month2 months3 months6 months12 monthsPremium
Acces duration (days)316393188366No Limit
Duration of back-up availability (month)2461218No Limit
Maximum number of Elected shapes1824304260150
Maximum number of published shapes1824304260150
Maximum number of downloaded pictures505050100100200
Max image size (Mb)
Subscrition amount10 €15 €25 €35 €55 €99 €
Subscriptions for individuals are payable online.

Subscription for schools and similar1 month
1 month
Group member
1 year
1 year
Group member
Acces duration (days)3131366366
Duration of back-up availability (month)221818
Maximum number of Elected shapes505010050
Maximum number of published shapes505010050
Maximum number of downloaded pictures1005020050
Max image size (Mb)1111
Subscrition amount excl. taxes15 €5 - 4 - 3 €95 €40 - 30 - 20 €
Subscription for educational community can be paid online or by administrative payment order.

Subscription for professionalsAdministrator Group Member
Acces duration (days)366366
Duration of back-up availability (month)1818
Maximum number of Elected shapes150150
Maximum number of published shapes150150
Maximum number of downloaded pictures400200
Max image size (Mb)22
Subscrition amount excl. taxes250 €99 - 69 €
Subscriptions for professionals are payable online.

Long subscription are paid on line.


EMAO Access

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EMAO Workshop


EMAO workshop and labo
Build a shape
  • EMAO subscription is free and gives access to various shapes
  • Labo subscription is free