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Important : install SVG!


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Install the Adobe SVG Viewer

EMAO use the SVG language to display the ready-to-cut shapes. You have to use a recent navigator that use this language: Firefox 3 or 4, Internet Explorer 9 or Opera 11.
To display SVG with Internet Explorer 5.5 to 8, Visualkit recommend the Adobe SVG viewer, available by free download on the Adobe web site.

Install the Adobe plug-in, it will be usefull for some other web site using SVG for gaming, graphism, utilities.

To install the plug-in with Internet Explorer 5.5 to 8 :
  • Go to the Adobe site with the opposite link
  • Save the setup file in your disk
  • Start the setup file
  • Refresh the page from your navigator

If the SVG drawing is not displayed:

Close all navigator windows and start your navigator again.
To see the ready to cut shapes of this site, you need a SVG reader, Internet Explorer 5.5 or above and to activate javascript.
If you do not see the image above, you have to download the SVG viewer.

Technical side of SVG

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is a XML based format from standardized by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). With this language, you can make vectorial drawing with a simple text editor. SVG is perfectly documented and is not own by any editor.

You can edit SVG files with free software like Sodipodi and Inkscape. Of course, some commercials softwares are available.

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