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 Who are we?

We are two people who put the fingers in the universe of paper model.
As an answer to solve home organization questions, like 10% people use to do it, we have began by making boxes of different size, with a ruller, paper, calculator and pencil. For each box, we had to start again computing and drawing.

Everybody is not a Pythagore's fan, so, we had the idea to automate all the process. EMAO is born from that idea. We improve EMAO continuously with new shapes and new functionalities.

That is funny, with EMAO, is to imagine some combinations of shapes, to make object from real world or from imagination and to see them growing in your hand.

Our objective

First, to propose a method and an internet tool, to make easily geometrical shapes in volume in a handful of minutes. We call this concept tactile 3D.

Second, and it is the more ambitious, we want to create an open company to give to everyone the opportunity to develop its business around the tactile 3D, make money with it, and, why not, make it a job.


Philippe HAYER Computer engineer with nimble fingers, I like drawing, geometry, cut and assemble wood, paper or cardboard and ... programming, solve difficulties. These activities relax me.
Nicaise GREGOIRE Inspirer of the concept, she liked simplicity, imagine and design home organization, objects and uses. She didn't like geometry but she liked scale models because they help her to prepare and visualize her projects.

Active Participant(s) in the project

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They had participate in the project

Thanks for their help.

Philippe Réthière
Christophe Lafay

Our supporters

Hundreds people which subscribe and use EMAO. Thanks for their support and remarks.


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92 350 Le Plessis Robinson

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