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Une Maquette ? Why to build the scale reduced model of its housing?
Who did not feel the need to represent its housing, one day, during a move in a new flat, during an important purchase or simply to decorate again?
To answer this need, some use flat drawing or perspective drawing, a 3D software, specialized or not. But everybody does not know how to interpret the images pulled out from these tools.
Indeed, to appreciate an organization, it is necessary to know how to reconstitute in mind the various volumes from 2D drawing(s) (paper or screen).

A model is always immediately understood !

What realism ? What level of realism?
It depends on means and on needs. The simplest way is to use white volumes pulled out from this site to represent the furniture. You can use cardboard of thickness 2 up to 5 mm for walls, paper 100 g/m2 up to 160 g/m2 for the shapes.
Then, for more realism, you can decorate these volumes manually, or use the decorated volumes of the site simply by adding colours or more complex decorations (accessible soon in various headers).

How to? How to build a model of a housing?
It is necessary to spend a little of time in the realization, to know how to cut, to fold and to assemble paper and cardboard.
Ask to your children to help you if you have no time to assemble the model yourself. It is a very playful, educational and relaxing activity!

Follow these steps:
 Measure and note in an exercise book, the dimensions of one or several room to represent. Note also the positions of every opening for every wall.
 Measure and note dimensions of furniture which have to be set up in the room.
 Choose a scale of reduction and keep it for all the elements (1/15 is a good value to start).
 Open an EMAO session by clicking here
 Use the headings to choose and print each element according to your dimensions and your scale.
 Copy dimensions of the walls on the cardboard if it is too thick to pass through the printer. Cut out and assemble the walls and the forms, then place the volumes obtained according to the layout constraints.

Professionnels And for professionals?
The shapes resulting from this site are only intended for a personal use. These shapes, under file format or printed, can not be the subject of trade nor of commercial use without explicit agreement, which can be obtained here.
We can provide you elements of model by unit or by quantity, according to the form and dimensions of your choice. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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