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   4 phases to realize a shape

You have chosen a shape, defined its dimensions, and printed it. You have 4 phases before to hold your element of model in your hand.

Mark the folds of the shape

It is the most important phase on which depends the geometrical quality of the shape. Pointing lines help you to realize a more precise marking.

Mark the folds of the element 5 of the tangram

Cut the shape

Use a pair of scissors, or a cutter and a rule and take care of cutting on the line.

Cut the element 5 of the tangram

Fold the shape

For a good folding, bend on a flat surface, on a table.

Fold the element 5 of the tangram

Stick the shape

Choose a glue with fast grip. The most adapted glue to assemble the shapes seems to be the glue DUO-COLLE of Reynolds.

Stick the element 5 of the tangram
Stick the L shape
Stick the shape intersection of cubes


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