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Visual Kit has animated a workshop with the children of Mission Possible, an association involved in the early childhood prevention for children from 6 to 10 years old.

The impact on the children, apart from the pedagogic contributions, express itself in their pleasure to build 3D paper volumes which let them imagine architecture, current objects or toys.

At the time of our first meeting with the children of the association,we have been preparing few shapes : some printed cubes ready to cut. The goal of the play is to obtain a paper volume following stricly the method.

Step by step, children learn basic movements, memorize the method of obtaining the final object.

Quickly, they groove, cut off, fold and glue to obtain volumes.

Instant reflex, numbers transform a cube into a dice. An other one assembles several cubes to represent the association's building. He puts them on a paper sheet, draw a road, traffic lights, zebra cross for pedestrian ...

At the point where usually the children pay attention for ten minutes on a task, they were totally concentrated to realize volumes during more than an hour and half, and they couldn't stop : it was necessary than an educational assistant recalls the time of the afternoon snack to take out children of paper modeling.

"Can you come back every days?" ask a little girl.

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