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... in the Tactile 3D universe.
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   An educational activity

With EMAO, Visual Kit proposes a simple and progressive method to build, with paper, 3D geometrical forms.

A printer, paper, scissors and glue are the main materials. You have only to print the figure in your dimensions and follow the steps to make a tactile 3D object successfully.
With EMAO, make quickly  a cube at your own dimensions

The realization of the forms, the variety of the shapes and the combination of the objects between them, lead to the practice of an activity rich in educatives qualities:
  • self-control,
  • precision of the gesture,
  • coordination of the movements,
  • skill ...
... without forgetting the development of the imagination, of the space and volumes perception ...

By its practical application of Internet and of geometry, associated with manual activities, it is a source of teaching and gaming activities for the teachers, the educators and the physiotherapists.

EMAO allows young people and older to discover the Web interfaces and printing of documents, to develop the concepts of calculations and geometry on concrete cases, and to discover the dimensions of the objects.

With for objective the realization of volumes with paper, the practice of these pedagogic activities is completed by a gaming dimension, guarantee of effectiveness and interest.


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EMAO workshop and labo
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