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What is GenEMAO?
For what Purpose?
General description
Technical data


What is GenEMAO?

GenEMAO is a site generator designed to build dynamic and interactive Internet sites which calculate and print customizable vectorials graphics at the request.

GenEMAO generates dynamic web pages. The execution of the generated web pages starts computations of graphs and produces the user interface. Graphs and user interface are written in genEMAO with a specific and simple language of description .

Sites generated by genEMAO are autonomous and present advanced functions for users management.

For what Purpose ?

As an example, the site http://www.visualkit.com is the pilot site generated with genEMAO.

It is about EMAO, a Computer Assisted Scale Modeling System dedicated to the home organization. With EAMO, you print at the request of the forms to be cut, to be folded and to be stuck to obtain reduced scale furniture or three-dimensional geometrical forms.

To the left, publishing of a shape with choice of texture and dimensions.

To the right, publishing of a reduced scale furniture.

General description

The features presented in this chapter are common to genEMAO and to the sites generated by genEMAO.

GenEMAO appears under the aspect of a window divided into three frames:

On the left, the menu of navigation, with:

Button to access to the back-up of previous sessions,

Button to access to the user profile,

Button to initialize the menu.

A web page in the frame at the top to the right, and the other one in the frame below to the right.

The web page shown in each frame depends on the selected heading and on the user language.

  • GenEMAO is organized in treelike headings with user access control.

  • GenEMAO can use several languages (English, French available) at the level of the headings, the shown texts and the images. Every element of language is stored in data base for an easy update.

  • GenEMAO controls the access to the headings:

Access limited from a single heading to several groups of headings.
Language shown according to user profile
Two types of headings
- Project for the description of graphics
- Structure for the construction of the treelike headings

  • GenEMAO recognizes various users types:

- Complete access to the headings
- Access to the language in text mode
- Access to the generated pages of interface
- Control of pages visibility

Designer (available soon)
- Access to the headings from a level attributed to the user
- Access to the language in "assisted table" mode
- Individual access to the generated pages of interface

- Access to the headings according to the attributed access level .
- Storing of the graphics parameters according to the definition of the interface designer.

  • GenEMAO manages users sessions

- User parameters back-up according to definition of the graphic designer.
- Access to the graphics parameters limited in time.
- Transfer of the graphic parameters from a previous session to the current session.
- Dynamic management of level subscription using a pay by phone service.

All these functions are included in every site generated by genEMAO. The administrator functions can be deactivated for the on-line publishing on a public Web site.

Technical data

GenEMAO and the sites which it generates work on the following configurations:

Os windows 98 à XP, linux, unix, MAC
Serveur Apache server with php 4 and Mysql, in local, intranet or internet
Web browser with SVG plugin from Corel ou Adobe.
Html used : Html 4 transitional (XHTML+css available soon)

GenEMAO does not use cookies in its session control.

validated Web browser configuration:
Internet Explorer 5 minimum adobe SVGviewer 3.0 with plug - in



EMAO Access

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EMAO workshop and labo
Build a shape
  • EMAO subscription is free and gives access to various shapes
  • Labo subscription is free