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Discover all the shapes with variable size.

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... in the Tactile 3D universe.
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Master Visual Kit Scale models

You have made the main basic shapes? You know how to modify the size of a shape and combine shapes?

Et voila! You master the tactile 3D.

Just a last step
To create some effect or give more realism, apply a texture on the shape, that you print on coated paper. Don't use photo paper, the coating film explode on the edge, as some coated paper. Click on this link shapes with texture to display the shapes that you can apply a texture on it. We add regularly some new shapes ... come back often.

Mix shapes and build objects following your need or your imagination.

Get inspiration from objects you can find in the theme section: the tagram, the rocket, the spacecraft ... create your own theme and publish it on our wiki or on your web site, your blog.

Explore the decoration domain, make your propotype to design furniture, imagine a new home organization.

voir le deux pieces
Click on the picture to see details

Now, you master basic paper scale model technics. You are ready to build the more complex paper models that you can find in the internet.

Have fun with paper scale modeling!!

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