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Discover all the shapes with variable size.

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... in the Tactile 3D universe.
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Scale models for :
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Strengthen Confidence with Visual Kit Scale Models

To strengthen confidence with Visual Kit paper models, you need to modify the size of the shapes with EMAO.

Click on this link cotation of the variable size shapes to see which size you can change for each shape.
So you have an infinite number of shapes at your disposal.

And to increase your choice, we add regularly some new shapes ... come back often.

Mix shapes and build objects following your need or your imagination.

Some cubes of differnet size
Cube and pyramid can vary to fit to the requirement of the young designer.
Pyramids with different summit position
With a pyramid puts on a cube, you have a house. Assemble 6 pyramids around a cube, and a 3D star is born.
A star with 7 shapes
A foil boat
Five volumes are enought to make a boat or a rocket.
A rocket with 5 elements

If you are old enought to do it (more than 12), think to learn cutting with a cutter. This tool is necessary to cut off opening in faces, cut some cardboard, and faster to cut straight lines.

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